What is Life Coaching?

life coaching

Life coaching is a process that aims at supporting clients to achieve goals and improve the various aspects of their lives. The benefits of life coaching that are reported are many and important: improved quality of life, greater flexibility and adaptability to change, more creative ideas, better use of skills and resources, improved performance and productivity. Apart from these benefits, everyone that has experienced life coaching in practice will also agree on the following: it is a fantastic experience!

Personal life coaching is offered at one-one sessions, while group life coaching is offered at group sessions.

In a one-one life coaching session, the agenda belongs to the client. In the life coaching session, the client explores together with the life coach his or her goals, the issues that come up during the pursuing of the goals, what possibly prevents the client from moving on and his or her next actions.

What kind of topics can a client bring to a life coaching session? This depends on his or her priorities and the life section that the client has chosen to improve in the frame of life coaching sessions. Even though life coaching can be specialized further, for example personal growth coaching, relationship coaching, wellness coaching, etc, the basic life coaching process and approach remains the same.